The organisation of an event integrated in the training: conference (sommelier, etc.), gastronomic meal (chef, ice cream maker, pastry chef, maître d’hôtel), buffet (butcher’s shop, baker’s shop) honeymoon (pastry chef, chocolatier), caterer, chef, etc, fashion show hairstyle (hairdresser, florist), make-up (wellness and SPA)

For most of the crafts, given the notoriety and excellence of the ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’, the event constitutes the core of the training. It ensures both the motivation of the trainees and the promotion of an organisation by showing its capacity to innovate and offer an unrivalled or unmatched entertainment to your clients. Finally, it participates in the funding of the training and beyond. For its organisation, the SAF team is at your service.

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