SAF propose to architects, interior designers, landscape architects (…) to realize their projects by the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (200 available crafts).
Mission duration from one week to several months.

Projects’ examples

  • Construction, decoration or refurbishment projects of historical buildings or palaces such as the artistic lighting of a garden, a mosaic fresco creation, marquetry or an optical illusion painting, a French style fountain creation or garden “à la Française”, vegetal wall, etc.
  • The creation of a unique artistic artwork like a 3D model creation for you company or hotel entrance, restaurant or a luxury boutique showcase,
  • Leather upholstery of a private jet or a collector vehicle,
  • The realization of an handmade engraved medal for the 50th anniversary of your company, the realization of a gigantic wooden, resin or metal statue outside your establishment, etc.
  • Your company staff uniforms creation, line of clothing, bathing suits, wedding dresses for your hotel’s boutiques, etc…

Available crafts for projects done by « Meilleurs Ouvriers de France »

Catering and hospitality

Chef (gastronomy) • Maître d’hôtel • Sommelier • Barman • Housekeeping • Receptionist


Pastry chef • Charcuterie, delicatessen and catering • Baker • Pastry, ice cream and sorbet maker • Pastry, chocolatier • Cheesemonger • Fishmonger • Primeur • Roaster (chocolate, coffee beans)

Building, heritage architectural and public works

Carpentry and timber works • Roofing-ornamentalist-metalwork •  Plumbing, sanitary installation, fountain construction • HVAC - heating • Stucco ceiling & wall, molding, cornice • Masonry• Art mosaic • Stonemason sculptors • Decorative mirrors • Interior painting decorations • Marble work • Metalwork - locksmith • Art ironwork • Architectural model maker • swimming poll construction.

Textile and leather 

Textiles and wallpapers designing • Silk weaving • Silk painting • Textile printing  • Dyeing • Carpet and tapestries restoration • Carpet and tapestries creation • laundry, pressing • Saddlery

Housing, wood and furnishing

Cabinetmaking • Fine woodworking (chairs, armchairs) • Wood turner • Wood sculpture • Restorer of furniture • Tapestry - decoration • Upholstery • Framer • Fine art restauration (painting) • Marquetry • Cooperage • Basketry • tobacco pipe maker • Traditional lacquer • Shipbuilding wood and composite materials


Art foundry • Ornamental bronze • Goldsmith • copper work

Industry and metallurgy crafts

Boilermaking • Sheet metal work • Bodywork automotive • Manual welding of metals • Tooling, mechanical prototyping • Electrical and electronic • Forging • Industrial models •  Art and technique of synthetic materials • Modeling, tooling construction •  Computer-Aided Design of industrial mechanical products • Automotive technology • automobile painting • refrigeration

Earth and glass crafts 

Porcelain modeler • Porcelain decoration (painting) • Decoration on earthenware (painting) • Glassware, crystal • fine stained glass • Santons "little saint" (small, hand painted, terra cotta figurine manufactured in Provence) • Pottery • fine ceramic restoration • Glass blowing with the torch.

Clothing crafts

Milliner • Tailor • lingerie, corsetry, bra •  Furskins and  fur • Ready-to-wear fashion designer • fashion designer “Haute-couture”

Fashion and beauty crafts

Lace • Hand embroidery • Glove making • Shoes making • Leather goods designing • Hairdressing • Aesthetics, make-up art

Jewelry crafts

Jewelry, precious metals • Polishing in jewelry • Diamond • Lapidary, colored stones • Fine jewelry crimping

Precision techniques crafts

Cutlery • Surgical instruments • Eyewear • Dental prosthesis • Watchmaker-restaurateur • Armory Crafts of engraving

Engraving crafts

Heraldic engraving • Ornamental etching engraving • Copper and steel engraving for lithographic printing • Glyptic • Enamelling

Communication, multimedia, audiovisual crafts     

Printing, communication graphics, multimedia • Binding • Gliding • Graphism • Photography • Calligraphy • book Illumination • Digital Imaging • Animated Image • screen printing

Music related crafts 

Lutherie violin (instrument making), archeterie • Lutherie guitar (instrument making) • Traditional instruments • piano tuner

Agriculture and Landscaping crafts

Gardening and landscaping • blacksmith• Saddlery, upholstery, harness • Floral art