Whether you are an artisan, a hotel manager, a restaurant owner, or you are in the industrial sector (…) from any part of the world, SAF CONSULTING and its Meilleurs Ouvriers de France are here to guide and accompany you in your developments.

With missions’ duration of not more than 2 weeks, your operations won’t be affected and you will come out a winner!

SAF Consulting offer

1. Organisational audit

Assess an artisanal activity in order to improve its operations by identifying the strengths and weaknesses (jewellery, kitchen, bakery, pastry, restaurant, etc…) – ideal for a cession-acquisition.

Clients: company with an artisanal production / transformation workshop

2. Audit of competencies

Assess the ability to perform a job or task properly, by being a set of knowledge, skills and defined behaviors of craft personnel (chefs, housekeepers, electricians, gardeners, over 200 crafts),

Clients: company with an artisanal production workshop


SAF offers to upgrade the quality of the artisanal production of an artisanal workshop or a specific branch of an industrial workshop (fine products), with its own equipment, to create new products and to support the manager for market repositioning towards luxury and excellence. For maximum benefits, we recommend, associated to this expertise, a business strategy consultant who will assist your business for a better market positioning.

This expertise may be carried out with one or several “Meilleur Ouvriers de France”. This short mission will take place in three phases:

1. An analysis or audit phase: analysis of the service, production organization and staff skills,
2. A creative and development phase: creation of new products / new services with the staff
3. A training phase: staff training on these new products.

Clients: hotels, restaurants, pastry shop, sewing workshops, jeweler-diamond workshops (200 crafts)


Special boost hotel, restaurant, pastry, bakery

Make a difference with the Meilleur Ouvrier de France

You may certainly know the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Philippe Etchebest and in particular his TV show where the chef helps restaurant owners in difficulty to allow them a new start ?
SAF offers business managers to rethink their craft production or to revise their restaurant menu accompanied by a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” SAF. For maximum benefits, we recommend associating with this expertise a business strategy consultant, who will assist you for a better market positioning.

You are buying or opening a pastry shop, a bakery, a glacier, or a chocolate factory or you want to develop a new high-end or gourmet offer?
A “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Chef, Pastry chef, Chocolatier, Glacier, Baker, etc. may come to realize and redesign, with you and/or your staff your recipes.
Then you may have one of the best production in the world in less than 15 days. It is a unique opportunity to differentiate your business and then make the difference.

Possible Interventions

  • Creation of pastries and french bakery by a baker or pastry chef “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of ice creams and sorbets by a glacier “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of chocolate pralines, Easter or Christmas chocolates by a Chocolatier “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of a gourmet restaurant menu by a Chef “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of a wine menu (wine-dishes association) by a Sommelier “Meilleur Ouvriers de France”+ training.
  • Creation of charcuterie recipes by a Charcutier “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of catering recipes/menu by a Catering chef “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of a cheese menu and cheese recipes by a Cheesemonger “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” + training.
  • Creation of a cocktail menu by a “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” Barman/bartender + training.

Let’s get to know SAF CONSULTING OFFER within 240 crafts

Ollivier Savelli, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Joaillier

Organisational and competencies audit of jewelry workshop by A M.O.F. diamond SAF

The SAF CONSULTING expert « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » diamond, will know, like no one else, the art of cutting, brute, cleave, carve and polish the diamond. He will know how to evaluate the workshop operations like the employees’ work and the production quality to meet the objectives and bring improvements. The improvements’ objectives will be set by the company director. SAF CONSULTING can intervene in any country of the world.

Organisational & competencies audit of restaurant by a M.O.F. Maître d'Hôtel and table art

The SAF CONSULTING expert « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » Maître d’hôtel will know how to analyse the welcome, the service including wine service, the dishes and the general management of a high standing restaurant. He will know how to evaluate, like no one else, the quality of service and the restaurant organization and the level of the personnel in order to achieve the objectives and bring improvements. The improvements’ objectives will be set by the company director. SAF CONSULTING can intervene in any country of the world.


SAF EXCELLENCE consulting - to review recipes from a semi-industrial fine bakery that delivers to hotels

The SAF CONSULTING expert “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” will assess your production workshop and the staff of your bakery. After a discussion with the manager to better understand his expectations, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France will develop with your team cooking recipes and their detailed technical sheet for each product. Finally, SAF CONSULTING Expert will train your team to redo what has been learned.

SAF EXCELLENCE consulting - to create a fine dining menu for a restaurant

The SAF CONSULTING Expert “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Chef will assess your kitchen and its staff. After a discussion with the manager to better his expectations, he will develop with the kitchen team new recipes and the detailed technical sheet for each recipes, establishing a fine dining menu. Finally, SAF CONSULTING Expert will train your team to redo what has been learned.

200 crafts available internationally for consulting

Catering and hospitality

Chef (gastronomy) • Maître d’hôtel • Sommelier • Barman • Housekeeping • Receptionist


Pastry chef • Charcuterie, delicatessen and catering • Baker • Pastry, ice cream and sorbet maker • Pastry, chocolatier • Cheesemonger • Fishmonger • Primeur • Roaster (chocolate, coffee beans)

Building, heritage architectural and public works

Carpentry and timber works • Roofing-ornamentalist-metalwork •  Plumbing, sanitary installation, fountain construction • HVAC - heating • Stucco ceiling & wall, molding, cornice • Masonry• Art mosaic • Stonemason sculptors • Decorative mirrors • Interior painting decorations • Marble work • Metalwork - locksmith • Art ironwork • Architectural model maker • swimming poll construction.

Textile and leather 

Textiles and wallpapers designing • Silk weaving • Silk painting • Textile printing  • Dyeing • Carpet and tapestries restoration • Carpet and tapestries creation • laundry, pressing • Saddlery

Housing, wood and furnishing

Cabinetmaking • Fine woodworking (chairs, armchairs) • Wood turner • Wood sculpture • Restorer of furniture • Tapestry - decoration • Upholstery • Framer • Fine art restauration (painting) • Marquetry • Cooperage • Basketry • tobacco pipe maker • Traditional lacquer • Shipbuilding wood and composite materials


Art foundry • Ornamental bronze • Goldsmith • copper work

Industry and metallurgy crafts

Boilermaking • Sheet metal work • Bodywork automotive • Manual welding of metals • Tooling, mechanical prototyping • Electrical and electronic • Forging • Industrial models •  Art and technique of synthetic materials • Modeling, tooling construction •  Computer-Aided Design of industrial mechanical products • Automotive technology • automobile painting • refrigeration

Earth and glass crafts 

Porcelain modeler • Porcelain decoration (painting) • Decoration on earthenware (painting) • Glassware, crystal • fine stained glass • Santons "little saint" (small, hand painted, terra cotta figurine manufactured in Provence) • Pottery • fine ceramic restoration • Glass blowing with the torch.

Clothing crafts

Milliner • Tailor • lingerie, corsetry, bra •  Furskins and  fur • Ready-to-wear fashion designer • fashion designer “Haute-couture”

Fashion and beauty crafts

Lace • Hand embroidery • Glove making • Shoes making • Leather goods designing • Hairdressing • Aesthetics, make-up art

Jewelry crafts

Jewelry, precious metals • Polishing in jewelry • Diamond • Lapidary, colored stones • Fine jewelry crimping

Precision techniques crafts

Cutlery • Surgical instruments • Eyewear • Dental prosthesis • Watchmaker-restaurateur • Armory Crafts of engraving

Engraving crafts

Heraldic engraving • Ornamental etching engraving • Copper and steel engraving for lithographic printing • Glyptic • Enamelling

Communication, multimedia, audiovisual crafts     

Printing, communication graphics, multimedia • Binding • Gliding • Graphism • Photography • Calligraphy • book Illumination • Digital Imaging • Animated Image • screen printing

Music related crafts 

Lutherie violin (instrument making), archeterie • Lutherie guitar (instrument making) • Traditional instruments • piano tuner

Agriculture and Landscaping crafts

Gardening and landscaping • blacksmith• Saddlery, upholstery, harness • Floral art

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